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An Explanation

Long time no see!

So, it has been a very long while. My reason for this long, albeit unplanned, hiatus is just being busy. I am very committed to school and it is my top priority which means it consumes copious amounts of time. I also play sports all year. This leaves my free time filled with either fun with friends or rest with Netflix. Never fear, I have not stopped reading! I have just written very short reviews on goodreads instead because, after writing papers at school, I do not want to come home and write a long review. I am sorry! I wish I had more time and motivation. This is not a return post. This is just an explanation. I might return because I do miss reviewing but my posts could take up to two hours and I do not feel committed enough at the moment.

So sorry!

Maybe not your favorite fangirl at the moment,



About Sarah Stevens

I am a teenage girl that reads lots of young adult books. I also watch Doctor Who, Sherlock, and Downton Abbey. I love YA realistic fiction and dystopian books.

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