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YALLFest 2014

YALLFest 2014


Last week I went to the biggest young adult book festival in the United States. It is called YALLFest and it is in Charleston, South Carolina. The best part is that the festival is only two hours away from me! I met so many of my favorite authors and they were all amazing! Read the rest of this entry



Quick and funny short stories.

Adventures with Ragweed by Linda Lou Crosby


Published September 26th 2013 by Neon Lines.

Pages: 88

Format: Paperback or eBook

Source: Review Copy

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Adventures with Ragweed is a collection of humorous short stories filled with adventure and family themes. Ragweed is a tribute to the whimsical part of each of us. Follow this young teen and her best friend, Marney as they travel to Mexico for a fishing trip where the family is to shoot a pilot for a television show instead find themselves in an unexpected sea storm. Laugh out loud as Ragweed takes on the tennis elite at the country club or attempts to rearrange their perfectly cut lawns. Always one to learn new things, this young freckled face gal with the unruly blonde hair builds a float, rides a horse and grows a garden. Each task done with her own unique vies of the world. These stories are meant to entertain. It’s difficult to narrow it down to one specific genre as the book is a collection of short stories suitable for young adults as well as for an older crowd with a sense of humor. Family Relationships, Friendships, Essays and Humor are categories all presented within the pages of this book. May you enjoy each tale as much as Ragweed enjoyed living the adventures.

I don’t really read short stories at all, ever. But, I will read them occasionally to just read a quick funny story. That is what these stories were.

Adventures with Ragweed is a collection of short stories that follow the mischievous Ragweed and her best friend Marney as they wreak havoc on anything in their path. Not on purpose, of course.

You’ll read as Ragweed unintentionally causes misfortune on her unfathomably rich parents.

I particularly enjoyed the story in which Ragweed was in a tennis match because I’m always up for a good sports story!

These stories are classified as YA but they aren’t really YA. I thought Ragweed was eight or nine until a story said she was a senior in high school. Whoops!

They’re a great fast read if you’re looking for a good laugh. They’re also useful if you have younger siblings and want a story to read to them before bed.

So, read Adventures with Ragweed if you want a quick laugh or something to read to a younger crowd.

Your favorite fangirl,


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