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Review Policy

My Rating System

5 Stars: Read this book now. It was perfect. Recommend it to everyone you see. There are no words.

4 Stars: Great book! Not perfect, but I still highly recommend it!

3 Stars: Okay book. Not horrible, but not very good either. I dragged through it.

2 Stars: Pretty bad book. I was able to finish, but barely. I do not recommend it at ALL.

1 Star: Don’t even consider this book. Ever. Awful. No. Ew.

If you want me to review something…

Don’t hesitate to email me at to ask me to review a book (or do a giveaway, interview, cover reveal, etc.). If you ask me to review something, I will give my honest opinion! I will not be rude, but I will not lie and say I liked a book that I disliked.

You can also email me at that same address if you have any questions or just want to say hello!

Your favorite fangirl,



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